Testimony from Beulah

Bild von Beulah


We are pleased to welcome you to our website.

Lion’s Glory is a Christian center in Innsbruck (Austria) which focuses on
the glory of Jesus Christ - the lamb and the lion. We emphasize the salvation
Jesus Christ acquired for us on the cross on Calvary – and its divine plan
which was intended since the dawn of time.  We recognize that God is
a God of love and his desire is to reconcile mankind through the salvation
offered by Jesus Christ.

However, God is joy, creativity and much more than you could hardly ever imagine.
In Lion’s Glory we live and experience the diversity of our heavenly father.

Have you ever asked yourself….

... if there is a divine plan behind your life?
... if God loves you unconditionally, if he is on your side and comforts you  in times of need?

Yes, that is exactly how it is!

Come and discover God’s glory and power in Lion’s Glory.

“Life is not a test you have to pass, but an adventure to be experienced.“