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Testimony from Beulah

My Testimony

On the 19thof March 2012, at the age of 21, I decided to end my life, since I was always frustrated and dealing with anger issues. Even though I was a born again Christian and a pastors daughter, I acted as I had no Christ in me; I was living a worldly life full of sin. I was a disobedient and arrogant daughter to my parents.
I do not know how I ended up standing in the railway track, which was just beside my home. That evening, I was hit straight by a cargo train, I was thrown far in the middle of the track, and the whole train ran over me, while I was still lying below in-between the tracks. I was knocked unconscious. My forehead cut open and I suffered on severe head injuries. My right leg crushed and was lying on the other side of the track. My left leg fractured.
I was taken to many hospitals wrapped in a cloth stained with blood, and my dad carried my leg with him. No hospital took me in. They said I was already dead although I was still breathing. The church had already arranged the funeral service and people were waiting for my body to arrive. I was taken to another hospital which admitted me later. The doctors gave me 42 hours to live. My kidneys and lungs stopped functioning, so they connected me to a ventilator. I still remained unconscious. My eye was badly hurt and it looked as it was to fall off. I then lapsed into a coma. The doctors did not know from where to start the treatment. All of my organs stopped responding. I went through dialysis for a month. And then my kidneys started to function normally. They could not keep the ventilator in my mouth for a very long time, so they cut a hole in my throat and fixed the pipe for me to breath. After another month I regained my conscious, but I did not understand what was going on. I did not know that I had lost a leg, I was in a confused state. I was hospitalized for several months. I was unable to move, lying on the bed 24/7. It was so painful. I cried out to Jesus, I said, "Lord I made a huge mistake, please take my life, I cannot not bear the pain”. Days passed by and my body started to recover step by step. All the complications were gone. I felt the healing power of Jesus within me.
Though I had this physical pain, I was going trough mental pain as well. The person I loved most was no more with me, friends were disappearing. I felt as if the loneliness was killing me every day. After two years of struggle with mental stress, I started reading the bible. I read the bible every day, it gave me new strength. My life changed that very moment. My filthy appearance changed, all the wounds were healing. My hair started growing again. I got to know a man who loved me the way I was. With him I am married for 2 years now. God removes certain people from our life for a good reason.

The other side
People were talking bad things about my father and were scolding him for bringing me to the hospital. Believers were laughing at him. They asked from where he will get the money to pay for my treatment. They thought it would have been better just to bring me and lay me into the church so that God can take me home. But no matter what, my father never gave up on me. His tears and prayers were heard. Jesus sent people from all over the world to help financially for my treatment, I was treated in the best hospital. That cost nearly 75 Lacks (about 93 000 €). My father had not to borrow a single rupee. All the needs were provided by Gods grace.